My Name is Aminah and I love art and design!


I have an innate love of color that manifests itself in the form of all the art I create. As an artist, it is always my goal to incorporate an array of colors in my artwork. My inspiration for color comes from my everyday life.

Whether it’s driving home at sunset and the beautiful palate of the setting sun to seeing my daughter’s crayons splayed about against lines and grains of my wood floor. I like to work with the philosophy that color is life! In this way, it should be represented in any way shape or form through my art.

The best channel I’ve found to express my love of colors is through abstract art. Representing my ideas and feelings through abstract art feels limitless in expressing my feelings. There are no rules or restrictions in abstract art and I can float away with my ideas in a sea of colors and come out on the other end with an art piece that is a true representation of me!

As an immigrant, the memories of my childhood continue to inspire my artwork and ideas daily. I am fortunate enough to have two very different cultures to rely on for inspiration. It is this fusion of cultures in my heart that is reflected in my artwork.


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