Bringing IDEAS to life

Hi There!

This is my most recent project, UNTETHERED, For this series, I am using butterflies to represent myself. The butterfly is a fragile being, which is the essence of classic femininity. Like the butterfly, I want every girl in this world to embrace the inevitable changes in life with the strength and resilience of a mighty woman and live and love in the most colorful way possible!

The details with the beads and sequins involved hours and hours of painstaking work. In the end I have created an extension of myself with these butterflies. These butterflies also function as kites and kites represent flight and freedom. Let all the women in the world, young and old, express their fragility and beauty to the world, while being strong and soaring higher and higher in the sky. Thats what I feel is the true might of femininity. The ability to change and grow and to keep flying higher and higher through new landscapes and vistas full of life and color.